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Wow, time has really passed with lightening speed. 

My son is 1!

I have done photography since I last posted, never getting rusty there, I just haven't been on the computer for long periods of time since Freddy was born. I spend a lot of time on my iphone and ipad and haven't figured out completely how to make it work for me and my website.

And that means it has been light years since I wrote a blog post that I actually posted (yes, for some reason I have written many that are not posted, don't  know why.)

My spirit is glowing and my passion for everything (children, books, exercise, food, sunshine, photography) at the moment, is unbreakable.

I will share photos soon. 

I don't see a point in doing catch ups, I am starting back up where I am now since I am a big proponent of trying to remain in the present moment of this life.

Posted: 20th April 2011


Update 2011

Phew, it has been a LONG time! It's kind of embarrassing.

I had a baby and it knocked me off my feet. In everyway and it was good, confusing, enlightening, complicated and exhausting. Freddy was born Frederik Joseph Johnson, April 8, 2010 in The Hague. So, he's 9.5 months already! Times really does fly with kids! He's adorable. I guess he deserves some face time too.

This is my little angel that likes to get into trouble.

I have been doing work, besides on my own baby. I just have had so little time to catch up on my blog. A friend looked here to see what had been going on and there was nothing here and it just made me think that it was pretty lame that I had neglected my blog and business and mostly my fans/clients for so long.

So, I am back and I will start catching you up on everything I have been doing and everything that is on the horizon.

The first thing I did after giving birth was put together the photo exhibit on Right to Play and that was posted on my blog many times, so you all know about that. It was a huge success and I sold 3 pieces opening night. What a great experience!!

Come back soon to see new photos and projects I have been working on.

Do you know about CRAVE The Hague? You will want to be a part of this, for sure. It's for women based businesses and will help you get new business to meet your new goals for 2011.

Be back soon.

Posted: 17th January 2011


Photo Exhibition

Galerie RudolfV Exhibition Promotes the Transformative Power of Play


 (Amsterdam – July XX, 2010) Health. Safety. Play. For many children, these are simple facts of daily life.  For others, they are luxuries not afforded them by the environment in which they live.

This September, Galerie RudolfV in Amsterdam gives center stage to the powerful role of sport and play in improving the development, health and peace of children affected by war, poverty and diseasethrough a documentary photography exhibition by Den Haag photographer Daphne Johnson.

The exhibition, which opens September 4 and continues through October 2, provides a candid glimpse into the unique programs facilitated by Right To Play, an international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Johnson travelled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as part of a personal project to document the local Right To Play program in May and June 2009. The exhibition features a selection of documentary images from her immersion into the Addis Ababa program.

“There is a stark contrast between the spirit of the children participating in this program and that of their immediate surroundings,” said Johnson. “I am grateful for the opportunity I had to capture moments that are both moving and remarkable considering the context in which they were documented.”

Daphne Johnson is a freelance photojournalist and the owner of LucidPics Photography in Den Haag (www.lucidpics.com).  She studied photography at the renowned Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, and photojournalism at San Francisco State University. Daphne’s images have been published through a number of local, regional and international media outlets, including the Associated Press.

Galerie RudolfV, at Kerkstraat 427, 1017HX Amsterdam, is open Wednesday to Saturday, from 12.00 until 17:00, and the first Sunday of the month from 13:00 until 17:00.


About Right To Play
Right To Play is an international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play programs to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Working in both the humanitarian and development context, Right To Play builds local capacity by training community leaders as Coaches to deliver its programs in 23 countries affected by war, poverty, and disease in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Founded in 2000, Right To Play is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has national offices in Canada, Norway, The Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The national offices raise funds, build awareness for Right To Play programs and advocate for Sport for Development.


Over Right To Play

Right To Play is een internationale hulporganisatie die met sport- en spelprogramma’s de levens van kinderen in de meest achtergestelde gebieden ter wereld wil verbeteren. Momenteel werkt Right To Play in meer dan 23 landen met ruim 40 projecten en sporten er wekelijks ruim 700.000 kinderen in haar sport- en spelprogramma’s. De resultaten van het werk van Right To Play zijn dagelijks te zien; blijere, gezondere kinderen en vredelievendere en sterkere gemeenschappen. Kijk voor meer informatie op www.righttoplay.nl.



Posted: 31st August 2010


gary gardiner

"Sometimes being a photographer can be uncomfortable. That's part of the experience."
Gary Gardiner

Posted: 12th March 2010



It's on the horizon!!

There are two bits of latest news for Lucidpics. We are very proud to announce that we have scheduled an upcoming exhibit from the work done during the summer 2009 in Addis, Ethiopia.
We haven't posted any teaser photos but we will.
The exhibit will be at Rudofv gallery in Amsterdam, September 5, 2009.
The focus is on bringing more awareness to Right to Play and helping the children that they support.

The second bit of news is that we just did our first live interview! It's tricky when photographs don't like being on camera but we will see how it works out. The goal is to bring awareness to what our mission is and help the children of the world.
It was an honest shock when xpat TV called and said they were so interested in the work we are doing and wanted to get an interview as soon as possible. How could one say no to such a prospect just because of being camera shy?

The footage from the interview isn't up yet, maybe a week or so.

Stay tuned and you can see it all unfold!

Below is my Pitch card for the exhibition so you can learn a bit more about what I am trying to do.

Posted: 24th January 2010



Our trip to Vietnam and Thailand over the holiday was amazing. It was a bit different for me being 6.5 months pregnant and so aware of things I normally dive right into, like being a part of the culture rather than a passer by. However having to be careful about food, water and he heat I got to do the few things that were really important to me and the rest will have to wait until our return visit some day which is in the future. We got a taste of amazing people and traditions.
Pictures are in the works, will follow soon.

Posted: 24th January 2010



Posted: 16th December 2009


Heading Off

I am heading to the Big Apple in the morning. I can't wait! I haven't been in six or seven years. I have a few friends to catch up with but mostly I am jumping out of my pants thinking about the PDN Expo Thursday, Friday & Saturday. I am going to be a sponge absorbing lots of information.

I am going to see James Nachtway speak and get insider tips in my workshops on how the modern day humanitarian projects are working. All useful stuff to help me reach my goals!

Bringing the Canon and the Clack. Will post any good images upon return.

Posted: 20th October 2009


Family Fun

Family Fun

There is nothing better than going to a shoot and having a blast with your subjects.

The DuPre family was fun. We all had fun, even the dog!  And the result is great because of our fun and ability to click as a group of people.

I know the kids were dragged from bed on a Sunday morning and it was grey and raining out. They were a bit apprehensive to start but as we started to roll with it and I got the dog up on the couch with dad when he isn't allowed, I really started to get smiles and laughs and the family to be itself for my camera. I think they forgot I was there.

Always indulge them in what they want. The kids wanted the Christmas picture with all the decorations out etc. and I even got the parents to go along with it. Mom doesn't like those shots but Max and Mia sure were having fun with it, so why not?

Of course I have my favorite but there are others too. This is the DuPre family.

Nina is also an interior designer.  Her style is really refreshing, check her out. http://ninadupre.com/

Posted: 20th October 2009


My View

My View

In between photo shoots for clients I like to create something for myself. It isn't always the same style or subject but lately it has been. I am enjoying photographing the food. 

Last fall I was out and about on the bike with my camera photographing morning light with autumn color.

I hope you also enjoy my journey with food.

My take on the green fruit.

Posted: 20th October 2009



As you can see on my website I enjoy photographing food. This comes from my passion to cook.

These are some photos done while roasting tomatoes and peppers for a delicious smoked tomato soup on fellow photographer, Heidi Swanson's website. Find it here: http://tiny.cc/X2ozW

I have made cookbooks and my recent passion for photographing food has peaked my interest in making a complete cookbook on my own. Project to come??


Posted: 13th October 2009


Refreshing Talent

I believe I started to see life through a camera lens at a very young age as I was also introduced to art as a little one. There were many artists of varying mediums in my family. I never knew how telling this would be for my future.

When I see people that interest me today I often begin a dialogue with them. I usually end up photographing them and sometimes they aren't interested and I respect that while at the same time taking a moment to allow their impression to mold into my heart & mind.

This was my most recent photo shoot of Emily Allwood, a beautiful young woman and one that is fascinating to my eye. It will be interesting to see her flower.

Our day together was filled with different emotions, looks, and backdrops. The time flew by and we had a great time while producing some successful photographs for everyone to enjoy. I hope you see the fun we had through the images. Some are light and fun while some are darker and moody.

Posted: 26th August 2009



As I grow and fine tune what I am doing with my photographic career I am learning to create boundaries for myself as well as others and use my strength to seek the work I am passionate about.

That in itself is a whole other dissertation. I will focus only on the current relevant point though.

I have stopped offering business head shots against a boring muslin background. Why, because I find it very boring when I can create the same clean and distinct effect by using my natural environment. This is more of a challenge for me and much more exciting because each shot inevitably looks different. At the same time I get to work with natural light and mix in what I need to sculpt my subject as it needs to be. This is what I like to do.

To take this a step beyond I also do the shot the client needs, a straight forward headshot but I also create the one I would want to include in my portfolio. Usually an environmental portrait. This is my recent favorite of a lady I photographed last week. 

Posted: 25th August 2009



Celebrations of love are one thing in life I can't get enough of, especially when I know the people. Often this is in the form of a wedding in traditional expressions but there are so many more when you look around.

This is a wedding. It was in Norfolk, UK, August 1, 2009. There were two couples I love very much that tied the know that weekend. We could only be in one place so this was the one.

We wish all the newlyweds many years of growth and love ahead. Yes, the challenges too.....some of them can be fun if you stand back and take a deep breath. Enjoy the ride.

William & Oenone Wareing August 1, 2009

Posted: 25th August 2009


Completing the project

When does a project finish?

I would say when it is ready to go out the door to the receiving party. That is not always when you think it should be though.

My editorial book that I was so excited about finishing is still yet to be complete. We are in the winning stretch now.

As I printed my test copy and saw the major flaws, I corrected them and thought it was time to go to print. Then my husband used his strong skill of perfect timing and told me that he thought many more changes needed to be made, namely adding a description for each assignment. So I have thought about it for a LONG time and have finally found a solution that I think will actually work very nicely.

At first though I couldn't conceive of how it would work without ruining my beautifully designed pages that I spent so much time and energy laying out. My solution however will not interfere with the layout at all. It just took talking it through with a friend and boom the answer was staring me in the face.

I can't give it away, I will post the book once I finish it. And what is even more exciting is that since it has taken some time now I have another assignment to add to the book, Ethiopia. I am finished with the editing of that body of work and will post some samples here shortly. 

I have some catching up to do first. Just been working and need to do some posting now.

Stay tuned.

Posted: 25th August 2009



We were so lucky being in Norfolk for a wedding and getting beautiful weather. It has rained ever since. Not so in Den Haag so maybe we are taking the nice weather with us.

I am posting some shots from the relaxing days exploring Norfolk. What a beautiful place.

An island

Beach huts

These boats in Brancaster harbor sit on the ground when the tide goes out. Someone said it felt like the twilight zone. It was a strange site. This is when the tide is just coming back in.

The sea is full of life; an amazing element of which we have no control.

Posted: 10th August 2009


Wedding toast

A Pre-wedding toast in Statenkwartier. 
Congratulations to SB & SB. We hope for the most beautiful day August 1.

Posted: 28th July 2009


fashion at the beach

Photo Shoot at Scheveningen beach with Jessica Davison. 

What a beautiful girl in a pure setting!

This is the traditional photo shoot that has been happening on a yearly basis with the same dress. This is the last year in the dress; it marks the 16th year of life. Jessie & her sister, Kirsten have been doing this since they were little in dresses of their Aunt Suzie's. It's the same dress every year and it has been fun for them yet a marking of the progressing years as they have grown into their dresses.

Jessie said to her aunt Suzie, "Kirsten was right. Daphne makes you feel so beautiful when she is photographing you."

Could I ask for a better compliment from such young, wise women?

I will add some photos from Kirsten's shoot last year. It's amazing how different they are. Two very different young women but also a growing photographer. It's a cool comparison.

Stay tuned. 

Posted: 28th July 2009


Little Ones

Little ones are so sweet. They change faster than you can blink an eye and all we want to do is absorb every minute of their perfect innocence.


I am a bit biased about Willy, he is my first nephew.

Posted: 22nd July 2009



A photo I scanned from many years ago. I reconnected with it, feeling, visually and all.

Northern Wisconsin

Posted: 22nd July 2009



There are few things that are more satisfying than feeling success in your field of expertise. It is so satisfying to me that it actually inspires me and provides me with great levels of energy, motivation and happiness.

It takes much time to edit photos as all photographers know but there are many steps to feeling a level of success.

There is firstly the moment of taking the picture and one knows when something exciting has been captured. Then there is the overall feeling after a shoot and finally the results of the shoot when at the computer editing. Now there is so much different activity that can be engaged when editing. Just like there used to be different types of film for different types of feelings in photos, now there are different steps to take when processing the photo to achieve the same feeling.

All in all I am very excited about nearly all the photos I have taken recently. I have achieved the feeling I have been going for and I feel that these images really reflect on who I am and what I am becoming.

I hope you enjoy these few photos I am posting.

Posted: 20th July 2009


Posted: 12th July 2009



I often think about motivation and inspiration. Without them no work is completed but where do they come from? What is it that gets the wheels turning and the blood pumping? And once it starts how does it maintain?


I know that there are so many things that create inspiration for me. There is music, memories, seeing other art, talking to other people igniting new ideas and the list goes on. Underneath it all though is emotion. For me it usually with positive emotions.


When I am feeling good good things come. Being open, opens opportunity. So it makes me think of the book The Secret because that is based on this concept.


I am energized, excited about what I am working on and ready for new challenges.

Posted: 20th May 2009


Travel Photos

I used to think travel photography was so cliché but I have slightly changed my view after much contemplation.

I see all these tourists when we travel and some of them obviously have enough money to buy better gear or more updated gear than I have. That is the thing in this digital age, get the best even if you don’t have the slightest clue how to use it to its potential. It’s made me really consider why their pictures won’t be like mine.


Posted: 3rd May 2009


New Lucidpics Book

It's an exciting time as I finish my editorial book. It took me a long time to settle on what I was going to assemble to represent the work I have done. Of course I wanted it to be a clean, fresh, innovative and an intensely interesting presentation. Who doesn’t want that fort their work? No photographer I know.

So I thought initially a disc with a knock-out slide show but when I put something together I was thoroughly unimpressed. It was beyond boring and didn’t even make my work look exciting.

Back to the drawing board.

Then I was flying to London and it just came to me. Design a book, a different assignment on each 2 page spread. I feel as though I am a good layout designer after having done something like 30 custom designed wedding albums.

I picked my best assignments and began the layout. I have been in the groove since I started and the feel is fresh allowing the images to speak for themselves.  

I am just finishing the last edits from our most recent trip and then I can layout the last pages, review and send off to get printed. The sample book. Can’t wait!

Of course I will post a sneak preview of one of my favorite pages as soon as I have reviewed it.

Posted: 3rd May 2009