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It's an exciting time as I finish my editorial book. It took me a long time to settle on what I was going to assemble to represent the work I have done. Of course I wanted it to be a clean, fresh, innovative and an intensely interesting presentation. Who doesn’t want that fort their work? No photographer I know.

So I thought initially a disc with a knock-out slide show but when I put something together I was thoroughly unimpressed. It was beyond boring and didn’t even make my work look exciting.

Back to the drawing board.

Then I was flying to London and it just came to me. Design a book, a different assignment on each 2 page spread. I feel as though I am a good layout designer after having done something like 30 custom designed wedding albums.

I picked my best assignments and began the layout. I have been in the groove since I started and the feel is fresh allowing the images to speak for themselves.  

I am just finishing the last edits from our most recent trip and then I can layout the last pages, review and send off to get printed. The sample book. Can’t wait!

Of course I will post a sneak preview of one of my favorite pages as soon as I have reviewed it.

Posted: 3rd May 2009

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"From what I have seen, and know, of your skill and enthusiasm I am sure this book will be a success - it will reflect who you ARE - professionally and personally. Looking forward to it ..... (even though Scott beat me to the editorial bit :))"


24th June 2009 16:51

"Sounds really exciting! When's are we going to get to see it?!!"


6th May 2009 22:46

"Awesome! - can't wait to see it :)"


3rd May 2009 22:55

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