Refreshing Talent

I believe I started to see life through a camera lens at a very young age as I was also introduced to art as a little one. There were many artists of varying mediums in my family. I never knew how telling this would be for my future.

When I see people that interest me today I often begin a dialogue with them. I usually end up photographing them and sometimes they aren't interested and I respect that while at the same time taking a moment to allow their impression to mold into my heart & mind.

This was my most recent photo shoot of Emily Allwood, a beautiful young woman and one that is fascinating to my eye. It will be interesting to see her flower.

Our day together was filled with different emotions, looks, and backdrops. The time flew by and we had a great time while producing some successful photographs for everyone to enjoy. I hope you see the fun we had through the images. Some are light and fun while some are darker and moody.

Posted: 26th August 2009

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