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My View

My View

In between photo shoots for clients I like to create something for myself. It isn't always the same style or subject but lately it has been. I am enjoying photographing the food. 

Last fall I was out and about on the bike with my camera photographing morning light with autumn color.

I hope you also enjoy my journey with food.

My take on the green fruit.

Posted: 20th October 2009



As you can see on my website I enjoy photographing food. This comes from my passion to cook.

These are some photos done while roasting tomatoes and peppers for a delicious smoked tomato soup on fellow photographer, Heidi Swanson's website. Find it here:

I have made cookbooks and my recent passion for photographing food has peaked my interest in making a complete cookbook on my own. Project to come??


Posted: 13th October 2009