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There are few things that are more satisfying than feeling success in your field of expertise. It is so satisfying to me that it actually inspires me and provides me with great levels of energy, motivation and happiness.

It takes much time to edit photos as all photographers know but there are many steps to feeling a level of success.

There is firstly the moment of taking the picture and one knows when something exciting has been captured. Then there is the overall feeling after a shoot and finally the results of the shoot when at the computer editing. Now there is so much different activity that can be engaged when editing. Just like there used to be different types of film for different types of feelings in photos, now there are different steps to take when processing the photo to achieve the same feeling.

All in all I am very excited about nearly all the photos I have taken recently. I have achieved the feeling I have been going for and I feel that these images really reflect on who I am and what I am becoming.

I hope you enjoy these few photos I am posting.

Posted: 20th July 2009